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tee-dah, WHATEVER.
United States
Current Residence: Imagine the best place on earth. Now divide it by 2.
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Hello everyone, I'm Hiro. Nice to meet whoever's reading this.

I thought this was a good intro thing (and I kinda like doing these things, they're fun and silly), so, yeah.

-Closest red thing to you?: The word "SALE" on the Blick advertisement postcard next to my compy.
-Last thing to make you angry?: Really angry? I don't really know…But I was irked when I kept on dropping things on my feet today when I was cleaning.
-Do you have a temper?: A smoldering one. /smirk/ Hah, no.
-Last warning you were given?: "I'll bite you."
-Ever been in love?: Nope, don't think so.
-Are you a fan of romance?: Heh, yeah…

-Closest orange thing to you?: The thingy under the blade on the tape-cradle…thing I don't know what its called. (In reality, it's the iTunes gift card next to the Blick ad, but I like the other one better.)
-Do you like to burn things?: Yes~
-Dress up for Halloween?: F YES.
-Are you usually a warm-hearted person?: I like to think I am.
-Do you have anything against ginger hair?: Absolutely not.
-Are you usually full of energy?: Mmm, not usually, but I've got a pretty good supply of it most of the time.

-Closest yellow thing to you?: A big, written-on note pad.
-The happiest time of your life?: That I don't know…Whenever I'm in the moment and laughing as hard as I can I'm pretty happy.
-Favorite holiday?: Either Halloween or Christmahanukwanzika.
-What makes you smile?: Details, my friends laughing or doing stupid and silly things, hugs of all kinds (but especially surprise ones), when mysterious or official looking people make a small slip and they try to cover it up and act like no one saw it, mysteries, good jokes, other people's true smiles, GOOD music, authenticity.
-Are you a coward?: Kinda. It depends on what I'm facing.
-Do you burn or tan?: Tan first, then burn.

-Closest green thing to you?: MAH EYEBALLS no uhm, the flower-shaped eraser on top of the flower-covered pencil.
-Do you care about the environment?: Yes!
-Are you jealous of anyone right now?: YES. REGINA SPEKTOR AND HER AMAZING VOICE.
-Are you a lucky person?: Very lucky in the sense of what I have, but I don't bring much luck to others, I don't think, heheh.
-Do you always want what you can't have?: Not always.
-Do you like being outdoors?: Yes, I don't let myself go outdoors enough.

-Closest blue thing to you?: My jeans.
-Are you good at calming people down?: I like to think so, yes.
-Do you like the sea?: Love it.
-Last thing to make you cry?: Frustration because of myself.
-Are you a logical thinker?: I have no idea~
-Can you sleep easily?: 3/4 of the time, yes.

-Closest Purple thing to you?: The nebulas on the TELESCOPE CARD THAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY~~~!
-Like being treated to expensive things?: Not really, it makes me feel weird.
-Do you like mysterious things?: Yes~
-Favorite type of chocolate?: Dark chocolate by far.
-Ever met anyone in royalty?: No, don't think so. (I've met people who should be royalty, though.)
-Are you creative?: I sure hope so.

-Closest pink thing to you?: Another iTunes gift card.
-Are you gay/bisexual?: Dunno yet. Don't think so, though.
-Do you like sweet foods?: Yep!
-Like play-fighting?: If no one gets hurt, sure~.
-Are you sensitive?: And proud of it.
-Do you like punk music?: Some, yes.

-Closest white thing to you?: My Creative Writing notebook.
-Would you say you're innocent?: Ahah, not really…But other people say I am?
-Always try to keep the peace?: Not always. Sometimes it's better I just stay out of things and let them work themselves out.
-How do you imagine your wedding, if you want one?: Nonexistent~ Heh, I don't want a wedding.
-Do you like to play in the snow?: Yes, when I get to.
-Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist?: Nope.

-Closest black thing to you?: The keyboard~
-Ever enjoy hurting people?: Uhm…not really.
-Are you sophisticated or silly?: Both~
-Afraid of death?: Not mine, no.
-Would you like to go to space?: That would be SO COOL.
-Do you have a lot of secrets?: I have enough, yes. (A lot of them aren't my own.)
-What is your favorite color?: Don't have one. (Have THREE!)
-Does the color you wear affect your mood?: At times, but mostly I've noticed the colors around me are the ones that affect my mood.
-What color are your bedroom walls?: Green~
-You prefer contrasting or harmonizing colors?: Both, I guess.
-Do you like to paint?: Absolutely.
-What color would you think best symbolizes your personality?: I haven't a clue...Blue, maybe? Heh, I really don't know.
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: Imelda May

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